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A message from the UNFSU Executive on the occasion of UN Day 2021, the 76th birthday of the United Nations.

Wishing all our colleagues and friends around the globe a peaceful and meaningful UN Day.
Warm Regards to all.
UNFSU Executive.

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UNFSU Message on the occasion of UN Day 2021 - UNFSU

UN Day 2021   Dear Colleagues and Friends,   Another year has passed us by, and the UN today celebrates it’s 76th birthday. The past year has ...

Congratulations to @elonmusk for passing up @JeffBezos as the world’s richest person - worth a whopping $221B! 🥇 Elon, to celebrate I’m offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity: help us save 42M people from starvation for just $6.6B!! Offer expires SOON.. and lives do too.

After more than 2 years of meeting in virtual mode, we finally had a face to face meeting of the very important "Staff Management Committee" (SMC), which is the highest level United Nations staff/management negotiating body, where the various #UN staff un…

Mark your calendars! Join us for our last event for World Mental Health Month, 'Welcome and Support Personnel with a Mental Health Condition' on 27 Oct. at 9am EST/ 3pm CET/ 8pm ICT. You don't want to miss it!
#WMHM2021 #UN4mentalhealth #MentalHealthMatters

.@UN & NGOs are making every effort to continue delivering assistance in Tigray, Amhara and Afar.

I reiterate our grave concern for civilians.

All parties to the conflict must respect international humanitarian law.

Today two long serving Field Service staff members received their #UNFSU Long Service Award. Mr. Gonzalo De Murga and Mr. Igor Posavec we congratulate them on their long and dedicated service to the United Nations and wish them good luck in their retirement.

Attending a “Face to Face” Staff Management Commitee (SMC) meeting for the first time since 2019 makes you realize that while Zoom and MsTeams offer lots of advantages it cannot replace the value added from the personal interactions, the building of relationships, the chats over a cup of coffee... on the sidelines etc.
#teamwork #consultations #facetoface #unfsu #strongertogether

Attending the first face to face Staff Management Committee (SMC) meeting in two years! Wonderful UN compound in beautiful Bonn, Germany 🇩🇪

Consider that the United Nations mission in Afghanistan #UNAMA annual budget for this year was just over $700M, something the US would spend in two days, for 20 Years!

Let’s wage peace ☮️ not war!
#peaceoneday #makepeace

“We no… ...

A concept that existed way back when I joined the UN in 1992 in #UNTSO when “family duty stations” as the “Parent Duty Station” of staff members actually lived up to that name where families of UN staff would find support from the organization. A concept…

Sharing #jobopportunities in #Brindisi #Italy
TJO No. 163617, Property Management Assistant, GS-6

TJO No. 163957, Team Assistant, GS-4

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
As UNFSU Executive we wish to draw attention to the “Fair Internship Initiative” and their efforts to help create an equitable and fair internship approach within the UN system. As you may know, most…

After the non-renewal of the contract of Ms. Lanla Kamara, who was the President of UNPAD (United Nations People of African Descent) due to a supposed "conflict of interest" between her official duties and that of her role within U…

After the non-renewal of the contract of Ms Lanla Kamara, who was the President of UNPAD (United Nations People of African Descent) due to a supposed "conflict of interest" between her official duties and that of her role within UNPAD. The UNISERV Federation decided to call on the UN ...Secretary-General to reconsider his actions. Read more and read the letter by following the link. #strongertogether #unfsu

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Letter from UNISERV Federation to UN Secretary General about the non renewal of contract of Ms. Lanla Kamara, former President of UNPAD - UNFSU

Dear Colleagues and Friends,   Not long after we assumed the office of the UNFSU Executive, we connected with Ms. Lanla Kamara and some of her...

Dear colleagues,

As we continue to celebrate the life of our dearly departed colleague, Mr. Jorge C. Gregorio, a memorial website dedicated to him has been created at: .

You are all invited to visit the site and leave a tribute, memory or ...picture to his memory.

May Jorge’s soul continue to rest in peace.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is with profound sadness that we share the below message just received from the UN RSCE management.

Jorge will be missed, he was a colleague and a friend to me personally.
May he rest in eternal peace.

Dear RSCE colleagues,

... It is with deep sorrow that I announce the death of Mr. Jorge C. Gregorio OIC Chief Regional Field Technology Services who passed away today 10thSeptember. The RSCE has suffered a terrible loss. Jorge was an excellent leader; a great role model for the Centre, and we will all miss his positivity. Jorge always had a smile on his face. He is survived by his wife Liza and kids: Maria Zarah, Kyle, and Anna.

The family is holding a Requiem Mass for our beloved colleague Jorge today Sep 10, 2021 03:00 PM Entebbe time and colleagues can join via Zoom Meeting. We encourage you all to attend to show your support.
Meeting ID: 927 3893 3308
Passcode: 10092021

Two more years!
Thank you 🙏 to all who voted 🗳 we are extremely grateful. @ UNFSU

This is what #TeamFuture stands for, and this is what we mean when we say that we are #StrongerTogether as United Nations Field Staff Union executive we are honoured to serve you, it is our privilege to be there for the United Nations Peacekeeping and oth…

For all who fought with great courage for freedom, let’s dispel the shadows of racial injustice together. As @UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres has stated, we must #FightRacism.

The transatlantic slave trade ended more than 200 years ago.

Sadly, we continue to live in its shadows of racial injustice.

We urgently need to #FightRacism, dismantle racist structures and reform racist institutions.

“We often take a militaristic, “tough” approach to resilience and grit. We imagine a Marine slogging through the mud, a boxer going one more round, or a football player picking himself up off the turf for one more play. We believe that the longer we tough…

Couldn't agree more with this. Right now Lebanon is facing a severe water crisis that is manmade due to a lack of government. 70% of people in Lebanon face imminent severe water shortages. We are concerned for the people of Lebanon, and we are equally con…

Join #TeamFuture = #StrongerTogether = #UNFSU Vote 🗳 for Ticket 1 @ UNFSU

Join #TeamFuture = #stongertogether = United Nations Field Staff Union #UNFSU
Vote 🗳 for Ticket 1

Join #TeamFuture = #StrongerTogether = #UNFSU Vote 🗳 for Ticket 1 @ UNFSU

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Today is the day that voting will start for the elections of the UNFSU executive.

We, #TeamFuture - Ticket 1, Leila Manly-Spain, Liliya Galieva and Mark Polane ask that you give us your trust to lead this union for another t…

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