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Nuclear, chemical, biological and other indiscriminate weapon systems have no place in our world.

Disarmament & non-proliferation are investments in our future.

Let’s end these threats before they end us.

It may be easier to sue your employer for sexual harassment now, but one huge barrier is preventing real progress

The solution is a dramatic shift in agricultural approaches. Increase the use of sustainable food forest 🌳 agriculture!

I'm extremely encouraged that countries have agreed on the UN legally binding instrument to ensure the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction.

This is an important step to protect our oceans.

Definitely great progress, let’s go for 50% 😉

Absolutely fantastic that after a decade of negotiations (and a 38 hour marathon) a historic agreement has been reached to protect the world's oceans.

30% of the seas are to be put into protected areas by 2030.

👏 President Lee and cofacs (incl 🇳🇱)!

#BBNJ #HighSeasTreaty

These kinds of projects should be spreading like wildfire, like a virus, initiatives to regrow forests 🌳🌳🌳🌳 and teach people about food forest agriculture can make a huge difference.

As President of the United Nations Field Staff Union and UNISERV - United Nations International Civil Servants' Federation we are 100% behind the notion that interns deserve to receive some financial assistance to allow them to live and work in the variou…

It’s the systemic issues related to for instance, the increasing use of precarious so-called “non-staff” contracts, as well as increased outsourcing of “services” within the United Nations that emboldens predators and abusers. Beca…

Last year the UNFSU and our Federation UNISERV - United Nations International Civil Servants' Federation participated in a panel discussion during the International Anti Corruption Conference in Washington DC.
A recording here

Last year the UNFSU and our Federation UNISERV participated in a panel discussion during the International Anti Corruption Conference in Washington DC.
A recording of the panel discussion is now available.

Fantastic, Geweldig! Laten we zien hoe goed dit gaat werken. Meanwhile United Nations my organization, please take note! This is an example to be followed, so that whistleblowers in our organization will actually be protected and not victimized in the pro…

URGENT assistance needed for the whole of Syria to support every Syrian wherever she/he is, to save hundreds of children, women, men who are still alive under the rubbles. HELP #Syria

I appeal to all to send search and rescue teams as well as appropriate equipments to all the affected areas in Syria to save the lives of those who are still alive under the rubbles. We MUST help the frontliners who are working around the clock. URGENT ‼️

Walking the Talk or in this case Cycling what you preach? Glad to see @un delegates getting behind this! @aitorarauz

A large group of ambassadors to the @UN is now making the case for bicycle access at the UNHQ. Hopefully, their clear message will help identifying the missing link so we don’t compete to park in the bus stop just outside.

♫ I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike ♫

#worklifeharmony #balance & #worklifeboundaries a good
Talk on having your #mentalhealth guarded by setting and and clarifying #boundaries

Following on to the previous post by Nadine on the subject matter of the Internal Justice System of the United Nations, the below post continues with the critical examination of the subject matter.

Very familiar behavioral traits that I’ve personally witnessed very often in the organization I work for. Managers who recognize that some of their direct reports are actually smarter than them and subsequently start to sideline, belittle or humiliate th…

We have launched a fundraising campaign to collect funds to help the people of Türkiye and Syria.

Please consider donating, we will ensure that the funds will get to the people that are in dire need of help through trusted and verified organizations.

Another hard-hitting truth-telling blog post by Nadine.
Highly recommended reading.

One slight correction, though, "staff did know," and the UN Staff unions jointly wrote to the United Nations Secretary-General to register their firm objections.

You ...can…

Very happy to be invited to attend and address the Federation of International Civil Servants' Associations (FICSA) Council sharing some thoughts on issues of importance for United Nations Staff Representatives and international civil servants.


Where’s the trust?

Dwindling in 2023 I’d say…

* Social Fabric weakens amid deepening divisions
* Economic optimism collapses
* Distrust breeds polarization
* Mass class divide
* The battle for truth

Just arrived in #Syria. After 12 years of conflict, drought and economic devastation, I’m here to remind the world about what’s happening in this nation. The world cannot turn its back on the Syrian people in this hour of unprecedented hunger.

Sharing this on behalf of UN People of African Descent (UNPAD)
Sign up for this event by registering:

It's important to recognize that toxic workplace environments is the biggest contributor to burnout and other mental health issues. The @un is no exception! Learn more here, Let's make sure we #walkthetalk

Nearly 1 billion people live with a mental health condition across the globe, but it remains one of the most neglected aspects of healthcare.

Everyone, everywhere should have access to mental health services.

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