Statement on Item 8 on the 97th session of the ICSC (Payment of Amount in lieu of Settling-in Grant at category D and E duty stations that are not designated as Non-Family)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Statement on Item 8 for the 97th session of the ICSC Payment of Amount in lieu of Settling-in Grant at category D and E duty stations that are not designated as Non-Family. CLICK HERE TO SEE STATEMENT.

Greetings from New York and hope everything is under control in your various Missions. This is to inform you that you currently being represented positively on the 97th Session of the ICSC dealing with the compensation review on the side lines of the UN General Assembly walls- in New York. Despite the liquidity crises, we have managed to defend and maintain the status quo.

Another great development is that we want to share is that we succeeded to make a solid case for staff members at the FS-5 category to participate in future ICSC place to Place survey, we are positive that it will be implemented. We want to thank the President of UNISERV Federation Ms. Karin Esposito, and Mr. Francisco Brito (President of UNSU New York), who worked with us during the session to push this agenda item in the ICSC program.

We want to take this opportunity to encourage those of you who have not done yet,  to please subscribe and become due paying members of the FSU. The FSU is the only FSU institution that will truly represent and defend your rights and welfare in the field. With the rapid closure of Missions, during downsizing, the only place you can turn to for assistance is the FSU, that’s why we encourage you to be part of the process.

In the following weeks, we will be doing a campaign contribution drive for those who have not subscribed yet to become due paying members.

Our organization is going through difficult times, and you need a stronger union to better represent you.  Please note that the monthly contribution is. only $10 a month.


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