Report of Pre-SMCC Staff Management Meeting where the establishment of SMCC was discussed.

I have finally opened up old boxes with FSSU/FSU archives that I had shipped from UNTSO HQ to UNLB at the end of my second term as President of FSSU/FSU in 2003, they had been shipped to Mr. Ronald Hall who was the then FSSU President and the first FSSU President to take office in UNLB.
The boxes with archives have never really been examined for its historical value in order to decide to scan and archive some of the documentation for posterity. I have just started opening up some of the boxes and have found some very interesting materials.
The attached is a document that dates back to 1979, when the UN was on the cusp of creating the “Staff Management Coordinating Committee” due to various staff/management relational issues. The first few pages is an opening statement by the then Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, the rest of the document outlines proposals for the establishment of the SMCC and changes to the UN’s rules and regulations.
You will note that some of the themes in the SG’s statement are very much aligned with current reforms in particular in relation to decentralization and delegations of authority.
Proof therefore that indeed, history repeats itself!
Enjoy. Regards. Mark

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